Royse City Griffins Announced


Royse City, TX – The Southwest League of Professional Baseball has announced that the new Royse City professional team will be called the Royse City Griffins. The name “Griffins” was submitted as part of over 900 people who participated in the contest. The team also announced their website at

The name “Griffins” was chosen because of the name association with the founder of the city. Garrett Burgess Griffin Royse, known as “G.B.” Royse, to people in the area was the founder of Royse City, Texas in 1885. Royse City was settled in 1885, when the railway came through the area. A “Griffin” is the mythical creature that has the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion – typically depicted with pointed ears and with the eagle’s legs taking the place of the animal’s forelegs This character can handle large targets of prey with its king-of-the-jungle strength, and fly them off to its home with its large, wide-spreading wings. The Griffin is considered to be a fierce and aggressive creature – especially to those that stand between them and a Southwest Baseball League Championship!

“We’re thrilled to have the community so engaged in the process of choosing the name,” stated Mark Schuster, SWL President. “It’s consistent with the tremendous public response we’ve received since announcing that Royse City will have a team in the league.”

The winning name was submitted by Adi Bryant and Dawn Cade both from Rockwall, Texas. Adi and Dawn both have won season tickets for life from the Griffins.

“I am just so thrilled that Royse City has been so proactive in creating this quality of life project for not only Royse City but all of the surrounding communities in East Dallas,” stated Cade.

“Working for the Royse City ISD I am just thrilled for our kids to be able to use this state of the art facility for a number of our sports teams,” stated Bryant.

We love the name and the logo,” stated Mark Schuster, SWL President. “The chosen name met all three criteria for selection including the name having some tie to the Royse City market, the nickname being unique to professional baseball team names and it’s a name that kids will embrace. We’re thrilled to have the community so engaged in the process of choosing the name.”

In February, team officials narrowed down the list to just six names from over 900 submitted. Those names were Rattlers, Wranglers, Buntings, Recaps, Railheads and Griffins. Since the announcement of the team name finalists, over 1,100 re-voted for their choice for the team moniker.

The team coloring and branding was created by Beam Team Design and its creator, Alan Beam. Beam Team Design is a Dallas-Fort Worth-based design firm that specializes in branding, logos, and graphic design. BTD has worked with many corporate, educational and athletic clients – supplying them with customized designs that were created via complete, thorough creative process. The project results are well-received designs that generate excitement and revenue.

The new Royse City team will play in The Ballpark at Royse City, a new $11MM stadium located just on I-30 Westbound in Royse City, TX directly across the highway from the new Buc-ees being built on the eastbound side of Interstate 30. The stadium will feature seating capacity for baseball of 4,000.

The Southwest League ( , which will play a 112-game schedule with 56 home games and 56 games on the road.

To purchase official Griffins caps, log onto

Season tickets reservations can be made beginning June 3 at 10 AM by calling (843) 367-3832.


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