MASL Champions Crowned

The 2013 Minnesota Amateur Soccer League (MASL) season came to conclusion this week and the four divisions have their champions. Minnesota Cup champs TC Fire ’00 were also the Division 1 champions. The Minnesota Cup is a single-elimination tourney open to all four MASL division clubs.

The four division winners:

MASL uses the promotion/relegation system. The top two clubs in the lower division are promoted while the bottom two in the table are relegated. The two D2 clubs who will be promoted next season are Keliix-Intra I and Andover I. They will replace the D1 relegated teams Internationals and FC Strikers.

Promoted to Division 2 will be Trendy Lions and Super Eagles (replacing relegated Lions FC and Blackhawks). Division 3 will see promoted Nickelback Rulez and St. Croix SC. Relegated to D4 will be V-Hawks and TC Fire ’03.

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