Football TV Schedule (January 28-February 3)


1:45 PM: Manchester United vs Cardiff City

1:45 PM: Norwich City vs Newcastle United

1:45 PM: Southampton vs Arsenal

1:45 PM: Swansea City vs Fulham

2:00 PM: Crystal Palace vs Hull City

2:00 PM: Liverpool vs Everton, NBCSN

2:00 PM: Copa del Rey– Real Madrid vs Espanyol, beIN Sports


1:40 PM: Coppa Italia– Napoli vs Lazio, beIN Sports

1:45 PM: Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City, NBCSN

1:45 PM: Aston Villa vs West Brom

1:45 PM: Chelsea vs West Ham United

1:45 PM: Sunderland vs Stoke City

3:45 PM: Copa del Rey– FC Barcelona vs Levante, beIN Sports

11:00 PM: Copa del Rey– Athletic vs Atletico Madrid, beIN Sports (tape delay)


1:40 PM: Nottingham Forest vs Watford, beIN Sports


1:25 PM: Paris Saint-Germain vs Girondins de Bordeaux, beIN Sports


6:45 AM: Newcastle United vs Sunderland, NBCSN

6:45 AM: West Ham United vs Swansea City

9:00 AM: Stoke City vs Manchester United, NBCSN

9:00 AM: Cardiff City vs Norwich City

9:00 AM: Everton vs Aston Villa

9:00 AM: Fulham vs Southampton

9:00 AM: Hull City vs Tottenham Hotspur

8:55 AM: FC Barcelona vs Valencia, beIN Sports

10:55 AM: Bologna vs Udinese, beIN Sports

1:40 PM: AC Milan vs Torino, beIN Sports


7:30 AM: West Brom vs Liverpool, NBCSN

10:00 AM: Arsenal vs Crystal Palace, NBCSN

1:40 PM: Juventus vs Inter, beIN Sports

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