FA Cup 5th Round Draw

The fifth round of the FA Cup was just conducted.  Three matches remain in round four as those matches all resulted in a draw this weekend.  They will be replayed on February 2.  Fifth round matches will be played on February 13-14.

5th Round:

  • Crystal Palace (Championship)-Wolves (Premier) winner vs. Aston Villa (Premier)
  • Manchester City (Premier) vs. Stoke City (Premier)
  • Derby County (Championship) vs. Birmingham City (Premier)
  • Bolton (Premier) vs. Leeds United (League 1)-Tottenham (Premier) winner
  • Chelsea (Premier) vs. Cardiff City (Championship)
  • Fulham (Premier) vs. Wigan (Premier)-Notts County (League 2) winner
  • Reading (Championship) vs. West Bromwich Albion (Championship)
  • Southhampton (League 1) vs. Portsmouth (Premier)
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